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B-Zone is a form of Group Training at Franklin Pool and Leisure. The program is made of 45 minutes of functional fitness/HIIT sessions. There are currently two formats of sessions running in Burn, Power and Build. B-Zone is a add on membership

B-Zone - Burn

Burn sessions are designed to optimise burning calories in your fat burning zone. Each session sees clients averaging their heart rate around 60 to 80 percent.

The sessions cater for all levels of fitness from beginners to advance as exercises can be altered for each level. Each session can accommodate 20 members per session.

B-Zone - Power

Power sessions are designed to get members participating in resistance training with-in a supervised training environment. Power teaches members the biomechanics of correct lifting.

Each session members are performing big compound movements like Squats, Deadlifts, Bent Over Row and Presses.

The sessions can accommodate 16 members per session and cater for all fitness levels.

B-Zone - Build

Build is the introductory session to our B-Zone. Build session are designed around corrective lifting and training zones.

Group Fitness

Group Fitness Classes are the perfect way to inject fun into your fitness. Classes are suitable for every fitness level and provide the variety and spark to keep you motivated year round. 

Superfight - Boxing

Boxing for fitness that will improve your fitness and get you feeling stronger and more confident. A combination of partner work and bag work.


A blend of alignment for strength and mobility, breathing techniques and meditation to improve overall well being, health and fitness - this is a class for all levels.

B-Total Body (Upper Studio)

Total Body is a Full body Low Impact modified class. Combines many training styles such as: Strength, Cardio, Balance and Core + Hip Strength. This class is for all who want an introduction to classes or if you have an injury and still want to participate in classes. 


Push yourself and ride to the rythm of powerful. Spinning is the indoor cycling workout where you will discover your athlete within.

Take on the terrain with our inspiring trainer who leads the pack theough hills, flats, mountain peak, time trials and intervals.

Les Mills- Body Pump

Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition. Pump gives you a total body workout. To finish off we'll have some core work to really help you get lean, tone and fit.

Les Mills GRIT

A 30 minute high-intensity interval training workout, designed to improve strength, cardiovascular fitness & build lean muscle fast!


A fun low impact class using strength, balance and aerobic moves to keep your body fit for life!

Swim Fit

Swimming for fitness, be part of one of the only swimming group fitness class available.  
Classes are suitable for all abilities, from keeping fit to rehab, or endurance training (must be able to swim 200m).

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